Adverse Action

Adverse Action

Employees are entitled to exercise their workplace rights without their employer taking some form of action against them that is adverse to the employee’s interests, simply because the employee sought to exercise a workplace right.  

A workplace right is any right that an employee has in relation to their employment.  Such rights are many and varied but may include such rights as: rights to take various types of leave; the right to be properly paid; the right to raise legitimate grievances; the right to a safe workplace; the right to ask questions about the existence or nature of any workplace rights or conditions; etc.

For instance, if you are concerned that you are being underpaid, you have the right to raise that concern with your employer without fear of reprisal – (such wrongful reprisal could be the employer taking away certain privileges or terminating your employment).

If you have sought to exercise a workplace right and your employer has treated detrimentally because you have done so, you have likely been subjected to unlawful adverse action.  If you have suffered loss and damage because of that adverse action you may well have rights to be compensated.

If you think that you have been the victim of adverse action and want to know more about your rights and how to enforce them - call one of our Employment Team today.