Asset and Wealth Structuring and Protection

Asset and Wealth Structuring and Protection

Our Estate Planning Team provide wealth planning advice including wealth structuring and asset protection, business structuring and business growth advice and estate planning. We have extensive experience in all matters relating to structuring, tax minimisation and asset protection strategies. 

We tailor advice to meet our clients' specific wealth planning needs, in addition to providing ongoing strategic advice, to ensure optimum operation and growth with the minimum amount of risk. Our aim is to help individuals and their families protect and grow their wealth.

If you have not yet selected a financial adviser, we have built firm relationships with some of the leading accounting firms and financial planning firms in the industry. We would be pleased to refer you to one of our trusted advisers for finacial advice.

Considering establishing a business, making an investment or perhaps require asset protection or structuring advice? Our wealth structuring specialists can provide the advice you need. Call us today on +61 7 3001 2999.

Commonly Asked Questions

My wife and I have been conducting a business successfully for several years but we are now getting on with our age – we’d like to have a Will done and discuss how we may be able to transition our business to our son?

That is great, you should definitely make a Will if you do not already have one and there are options both through your Will and your business structuring to transition your business to your son. 

This is part of our succession advice area of expertise, contact us for a face to face meeting and advice on what options are available to you.

I am buying a small business with my wife, I've been told we should use a partnership as business structure?

A partnership is a commonly chosen structure for husband and wife businesses.  Just keep in mind that if you are planning to grow your business and eventually sell an interest to others, a more diverse structure such as a company may be more suitable. 

In any case, it is important to look closely at your current situation and future plans before deciding on which structure to use, please contact us for further information.  

I’ve been offered to buy shares in a company for investment – what should I be aware of?

There are many things to check before buying shares in a company, this includes the company’s current financials and trading history.  Unless you are buying shares in a listed company you need to be satisfied that the shares are worth the sale price. 

You also need to consider what percentage of shares you are purchasing and therefore what rights you should have in the conduct of the company. 

These matters are usually addressed in a shareholders agreement.  Please contact us for guidance on how to proceed.