Body Corporate Services

Local knowledge and experience - our real estate team has earned an enviable reputation for their commercial approach, technical skills and body corporate industry know-how.

Our team provides body corporate entities with a range of advice and services, including:

  • Conveyancing — acquisition and disposal of body corporate held and managed properties;
  • Titling and structuring — providing advice for community and strata title matters, project structuring including joint ventures and special-purpose vehicles for body corporate entities;
  • Finance — documenting and advising on funding arrangements for lenders or borrowers. We represent clients in residential, commercial, industrial and rural real estate transactions;
  • Revenue — advising in transfer duties, trust acquisition and landholder duties, lodging objections and appeals for duty assessments and FIRB relevant matters;
  • Leasing — investment property leasing (commercial, residential, industrial and mixed use) for landlords and body corporate entities, lease negotiations and variations, registrations and terminations, reference checking, security deposits and guarantees;
  • Transactional documents – advice on the acquisitions of hotel and resort properties and businesses and the provision of commercial documentation for  property transactions;
  • Management rights — providing advice to body corporate committees and stakeholders across a range of issues including corporate governance, directors’ duties, By-Law and document drafting, building or sinking fund management matters, levy collection and recoveries, scheme renewals and terminations, as well as keeping abreast and advising on law reforms and statutory regulations;
  • Dispute resolution and litigation — advising body corporates in community disputed matters, By-Law interpretation and enforcement, QCAT claims, civil counter-claims and appeals. Our team can assist in facilitating the resolution of a broad range of commercial and residential property disputes including leasing matters, land title disputes, encroachments and easement access.

We are members of the Property Council of Australia, the Urban Development Institute of Australia and the Queensland Hotels Association.  We work with body corporate entities, property developers, property consultants, rural landowners, real estate agencies and other professional advisers.

Our real estate team, led by Director Jacob Duane, has the commercial experience and capability to provide high quality legal advice and guidance in all aspects of commercial body corporate operations.