Business Turnarounds and Workouts

Our Insolvency and Bankruptcy Team, if instructed early enough, is able to assist businesses to avoid the potential damage caused by voluntary admnistration, receiverships or liquidations.

Time is the critical factor in determining if a business can be saved and its fortunes turned around. 

Using a "turnaround" approach can provide the key to the future success of the business and allow the full potential of the business to be realised.

As soon as a business hits a cash flow crisis and its creditors demands for payment become a daily struggle for the business operators - it's time to ring us for a turnaround solution. Don't wait. Seeking professional help is the wisest decision a company director can make in a financial distress or insolvent trading situation.

Our Insolvency and Bankruptcy Team are turnaround and workout specialists. We are experienced in all aspects of business turnarounds, recoveries and reconstructuring and able to offer a variety of solutions, including:

  • business appraisals;
  • reviewing financial arrangements and debts;
  • increasing cash flow with improved debt collection processes;
  • business structuring to:
    • improve productivity and profitability;
    • rationalise the businesses' trading operations;
  • negotiating standstills with creditors;
  • negotiating with banks and financiers;
  • negotiating, documenting and formalising final settlements or repayment arrangements with creditors;
  • advising on issues with employees;
  • preparing an orderly and effective sale of the business, if necessary, and
  • restructuring a business by using a Deed of Company Arrangement, if possible.

Our team works closely with the business stakeholders involved in a turnaround. We are there to assist you in every step of the way and we are able to draw on our network of managers, accountants, financiers and industry contacts to help get your business back on track. We are one of the most experienced Bankruptcy and Insolvency Teams in Queensland. Call us on +61 7 3001 2999.