Commercialisation and Licensing of Intellectual Property

Commercialisation and Licensing of IP

Having a great idea is fantastic but ideas need to be protected and applied commercially to release their value. 

We assist in this process, firstly by giving advice as to the appropriate commercial structuring, asset protection and intellectual property registrations which may be applicable to ensure your idea is protected, and secondly by ensuring that any commercialisation of the idea is recorded in an appropriate manner, such as through licensing agreements. 

We assist with confidentiality and non-disclosure agreements both from an inventor's perspective and from the perspective of a licensee.

We also advise on structures and relationships between entities in terms of IP asset protection and registration of Intellectual Property rights.

We have a particular interest in looking at the means by which Intellectual Property is generated, recognised and then protected.  We try to extend this beyond the traditional approach looking at new forms of Intellectual Property such as domain names (LINK), which are now a vital part of the business environment. Similarly, we are often involved in advising on marketing issues such as comparative advertising matters.

Our professional team of practitioners boasts extensive industry experience in electrical engineering, computer programming and web design, and are well-placed to understand the technical and practical issues behind the commercialisation of your Intellectual Property.