Contract Disputes and Enforcement

Contract - Disputes and Enforcement

Expert advice is critical for you to enforce or escape a contract. Whether written, verbal or implied contracts often have unclear terms which cause disputes between involved parties.

Contractual disputes can quickly turn into protracted, costly and unpleasant litigation. They generally do long-term damage to the relationships of all involved and add to the overall costs of the contract.

Contractual disputes need speedy resolution so parties can move forward. When enforcing or avoiding contractual obligations, knowing where you stand is essential. Where a contract is enforceable or its terms are uncertain our expert advice enables you to make informed decisions on your options. Our wide contractual litigation experience ensures you prompt and effective outcomes.

This extensive experience was built by acting for clients such as small and medium business, listed and unlisted companies, financiers, national product suppliers and engineering companies, partnerships, joint venturers, developers, Councils and other government entities and individuals.

We have successfully assisted our clients in dealing a broad range of contractual dispute and enforcement matters including:

  • Business contracts and commercial agreements
  • Mortgages, securities, guarantees and other financial instruments
  • Building and construction including subcontractors charges
  • Commercial, industrial and residential property, leasing and caveats
  • Employment and consultancy arrangements
  • Partnership and shareholder agreements
  • Licensing and franchising
  • Credit applications and terms and conditions
  • Insurance contracts
  • Australian Competition & Consumer Act (previously known as Trade Practices Act)
  • Joint venture and development arrangements.

Early intervention and advice can help to avoid most matters needing to go to Court, for further assistance call us today.