Copyright protects original literary, dramatic, musical and artistic works as well as sound recordings, films and television / sound broadcasts. In a practical context, almost all documentation or recordings with any degree of creativity may be protected by copyright rights.

In Australia, copyright automatically attaches to original works when they are created. There is no need to register copyright, or even declare that copyright exists in a creation, although as a copyright owner or licensee there are benefits to declaring the existence of copyright.

Our Intellectual Property Team at Bennett & Philp is experienced in all aspects of copyright law. Our industry experience in electrical engineering, computer programming and web design places us in a unique position to understand techniques used to both protect copyright rights and conceal infringement.

Our Intellectual Property Team  also has a unique advantage in handling the rising number of technical copyright disputes involving issues such as software theft or online reproduction of copyright protected material.

Whether you are a copyright holder looking to protect, commercialise or enforce your rights or have been accused of infringing the copyright of another, we can give you advice and guidance to achieve your desired outcome in a cost effective and efficient manner, based on solid industry experience and an intimate knowledge of copyright law.

Our Intellectual Property Team operates as a boutique unit within the firm and is renowned in the industry as a leading mid-tier intellectual property practice. We have managed a number of Court actions that have become the leading legal decisions within Australian Copyright copyright law. Some examples of cases, include:

  • Leica Geosystems Pty Ltd v Koudstaal [2012] FCA 1337
  • A-One Accessory Imports Pty Ltd, Rogers & Bennett v Off Road Imports Pty Ltd & King (1996) 65 FCR 478
  • Norm Engineering v Digga Australia [2007] FCA 761