Credit Agreements

Credit Agreements

Credit agreements and terms and conditions of trade are complex documents and often have to comply with a variety of laws and privacy legislation. 

These agreements should not be entered into by borrowers or adopted by credit providers without a thorough review of the agreement by our Finance, Loans and Securities Team.

Legislative requirements do change from time to time and  credit agreements must reflect any law changes.  Failure to comply with the relevant legislation may render a credit agreement ineffective or place the credit provider in serious breach of its obligations.

Enforcement of the credit providers' rights will be subject to the terms of the agreement and terms itself.  If there is a defect in the credit agreement or terms and conditions of trade, this can have serious consequences, in trying to enforce repayment of monies advanced or obligations of the borrowers.

Whether you are a borrower or credit provider you need to consult our Finance, Loans and Securities Team today for advice about complex credit and trading documents.