Intellectual Property Designs


Design registration is an often overlooked aspect of intellectual property rights protection. It protects the appearance of a product.

There are many advantages to the registration of a Design including that the legal costs to sue for an infringement of a registered Design can be less than those for an infringement of a Patent.

Whether you are someone looking to protect, commercialise or enforce your rights over a Design or someone who has been accused of infringing a registered Design, our Intellectual Property Team can assist you to achieve your desired outcome in a cost-effective and efficient manner based on our solid industry experience and an intimate knowledge of Design law.

Some examples of our services include:

  • Advice on whether a registered Design is appropriate for your circumstances;
  • Advice on the validity and enforceability of a Design;
  • Advice on the Design-copyright overlap in Australia;
  • Advice on whether a Design is infringed;
  • Legal representation for the enforcement of a Design or defence of an infringement action, and
  • Negotiation and drafting contracts in relation to commercialisation of Design-protected assets.

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