Dispute Resolution

Dispute Resolution

Regrettably disputes can arise in a myriad of ways. Today they are a fact of life for commercial business.

Parties may be in dispute over contracts ranging from trading terms to employment; civil wrongs (torts) claiming negligence and/or breach of duty (statutory or otherwise) or reputational issues.

On most occasions these disputes are resolved through an Alternative Dispute Resolution (“ADR”) process (mediation, case appraisals or settlement conferences).

Members of our Commercial Litigation Team are trained and accredited mediators and represent parties in the ADR process. Their mediation skill-sets can also be applied to the benefit of clients.

If disputes and issues simply cannot be resolved, our Team will prosecute or defend (as the case may require) our client’s legal rights through the State or Federal Court system.  Even while litigating a dispute, we are very mindful of any opportunities to settle claims by negotiating a settlement, rather than a justifying the expense of going to trial.

In conducting any litigation, we adopt the model litigant regime propounded by the Courts, to assist in the timely and cost effective conclusion of a dispute.

If you have a disputed matter, call us today on +61 7 3001 2999 to talk through your options with one of our highly experienced Commercial Litigation Team Members.