Employee Dismissals and Redundancy

  • Have you been recently sacked or made redundant? 
  • Was the termination of your employment unfair? 
  • Or was the reason for the termination of your employment an unlawful or invalid reason, such as by reason of your race, skin colour, sex, sexual orientation, age, physical or mental disability, illness, marital status, family or carer’s responsibilities, pregnancy, religion, political beliefs or ethnicity? 
  • Or perhaps the termination came about because you exercised or sought to exercise a work place right?

If any of these things apply to you then you may very well have rights against your employer in respect of unfair or unlawful dismissal or in respect of unlawful adverse action taken against you by your employer.  In such circumstances you may very well be entitled to compensation for the loss that you have suffered as a result of your employer’s fair, unlawful and/or wrongful actions against you.

Furthermore, and particularly in circumstances where the employer has purported to terminate your employment by reason of redundancy, you should be careful to ensure that the redundancy is genuine and/or that you are receiving your full entitlements upon termination.

Our Employment Law Team is experienced in advising and acting for employees in relation to their rights at work and, particularly, in circumstances where the employee has been dismissed. 

However, please be aware, strict time limits apply in respect of taking action to enforce your rights in relation to any unfair or unlawful dismissal.  As such, if you consider that you have been in any way unfairly or wrongfully dismissed, do not delay, contact us today. 

To find out more about your rights as an employee and how we may assist you, please contact our Employment Team on +61 7 3001 2999.