Employment conditions and contracts

Employment Conditions and Contracts

Starting a new job and want to be certain as to what are the pros and cons of the employment contract that is being offered to you? 
Or perhaps you have been employed for some time and your employer is telling you that you have to sign up to a new contract.  
Maybe you just want to know what are your rights and entitlements under your present contract of employment and that they are being met. 

Perhaps you are considering leaving your present employment to start up in some new position or your own business and you are unsure what restraints your present employment contract may have on you.  If you do not understand some aspect of your employment contract you are exposing yourself to risk.

Our Employment Team can assist you by reviewing your present employment contract documentation and providing quick, clear and practical advice about the things you need to know. 

If you would like to know more - contact one of our Employment Team today.