Employment law for employees

Employment Law for Employees

Bennett & Philp’s Employment Law Team are able to assist individuals with all of their legal needs in relation to employment.

Whether you are about to take up a job and want to have the contract offered to you reviewed, or whether you have been sacked, made redundant or treated unfairly, or if you have been the subject of discrimination or harassment or bullying or other unfair treatment at work, we can help.

Please contact our Employment Team to find out how we may be able to help you. Or, if you:

  • have been dismissed, click on “Dismissals and Redundancy” below
  • have been or may be made redundant, click on “Dismissals and Redundancy” below
  • want advice about your employment contract and/or conditions, click on “Employment Conditions and Contracts” below
  • have had adverse action taken against you by your employer because you sought to exercise a workplace right click on “Adverse Action” below
  • have been discriminated against, click on “Discrimination” below
  • have been bullied or harassed, click on “Bullying and Harassment” below.