Employment Law for Employers

Bennett & Philp Lawyers, Employment Law and Industrial Relations Team regularly act for and assist businesses in respect of what is often the most important asset of the business – its workforce, whether employees and/or independent contractors/consultants.

Good employment contracts, policies and practices will give rise to a productive and efficient workforce – which can only assist the business. The other side of that coin is that good employment contracts, policies and practices will avoid many common problems faced by employers that often result in much lost time and money in having to deal with issues and problems.

For our employer clients we like to focus on being able to minimise and prevent risks. Our Employment Law Team can assist businesses by reviewing the business’ existing employment contracts, policies and practices and providing improved workplace documentation, as well as by providing advice to employers on specific issues or proposed courses of action, so as to ensure compliance with relevant employment laws and to minimise risks to the employer.

However, if a dispute has arisen or does arise, our Team is experienced in acting for employers in such disputes with the goal of bringing the dispute to an end quickly and with a minimum of fuss and expense.

We have a wealth of experience in acting for employers in employment disputes, which, in turn, gives us greater insight into how the risk of such disputes may be minimised.

 Our Employment Law Team can assist you with:

  • Workplace "Health Checks" - audits of existing workplaces, including employee and contractor contacts, policies, workplace behaviours, OH&S for compliance and risk;
  • Workplace Documentation – provision and/or review of workplace manuals, policies and procedures;
  • Contracts – for Employees and Independent Contractors – provision and/or review of employment contracts for the business’ employees;
  • Dismissals/Redundancy – advice on legal requirements and proper processes;
  • Workplace Disputes – we can assist in all forms of disputes raised by employees (or ex-employees), such as: unfair dismissal claims; unlawful dismissal claims; adverse action claims; wrongful dismissal claims; bullying/discrimination/harassment complaints or employment contract disputes;
  • Industrial Relations - advice for common law claims, enterprise bargaining and workplace agreements and disputes, disciplinary actions and redundancies, and
  • Human Resources Advice – general advice for employers in relation to all employment related matters that affect them.

Further information about the services we provide is available by clicking on any of the links below.

We also offer services at fixed prices and would be pleased to discuss how a fixed price arrangment could benefit your business. Please contact our Employment Law Team today to find out more.