Estate Administration

Estate Administration

When someone dies, the administration of their estate can be a daunting and often time-consuming task for an executor, who is most often one of the grieving family members. The administration of a deceased estate can also be a very complex and demanding task.

We make the estate administration process as smooth as possible for the executor/administrator, and in turn the family of the deceased, by providing personal attention and professional expert advice.

Our Wills and Estate Team has extensive experience in all matters that need to be attended to in the administration of estates.  

The combination of our expert knowledge and practical experience, coupled with our understanding of what people go through in a time of grief results in us providing a caring and efficient service.

If you are an executor, or the next of kin of someone who has just died without a Will, whether you think you know what you are doing or not, you should obtain legal advice. There are many issues which must be addressed.

Our Team has extensive experience in all aspects of the estate administration process from interpretation of complex Wills, assisting beneficiaries of intestate estates to the cost efficient, expedient administration of small to complex estates.

We take care to assist our clients in the manner best suited to them by allowing the client to determine the level of their involvement according to their needs.

We strive to assist our clients during this emotionally taxing time to have peace of mind and confidence that their estate matters are in professional hands.

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