Estate Asset, Wealth Structuring and Protection

Estate Asset, Wealth Structuring and Protection

Bennett & Philp Lawyers provide businesses with advice in structuring, tax minimisation, asset protection and future business and succession planning.

Obtaining solid structuring advice is the first step to be taken when establishing a new business or purchasing an existing business. Whether the intended business is large or small, obtaining the right structuring advice is key to ensuring the business is established and maintained in the best manner for tax minimisation, asset protection and future business plans including succession.

If you do not obtain this advice at the outset, it can cost you a lot more in the long run.

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Options Available

There are a number of business structures available for use including family trusts, unit trusts, partnerships, companies and multi-level corporate groups. At Bennett & Philp, we have many years’ experience in working with these structures and our business lawyers are ready to look at each client’s circumstances and provide the best recommendation for structuring or re-structuring a business to provide for the client’s present and future needs.

Over the years we have built close relationships with some of the leading accounting firms and financial planning firms in the industry that can provide assistance where needed including where the client does not already have a selected consultant for this purpose.

In addition to structuring and wealth advice we also provide advice on a wide range of investment strategies including managed schemes, share purchases and loans.

At the core of all our legal services is our desire to help individuals and their families protect and grow their wealth.

Corporate Groups

For some businesses, a corporate structure is the best option. At Bennett & Philp we have highly experienced corporate lawyers who can advise on all aspects of corporate structuring and re-structuring including preparation of shareholder agreements and addressing shareholder or director disputes.

For more information on our corporate law capability please visit our page.

Family Trusts and Small Business Structuring

Discretionary and unit trusts are useful structures in protecting wealth and gaining tax effectiveness. There are many complexities involved in setting up and managing small businesses effectively and Bennett & Philp has extensive experience in this area of law. In addition to advising on business planning, we of course prepare all documents needed. We have solid templates that have been perfected over the years for most business structures including family trusts, unit trusts, partnerships and corporations.

Self Managed Superannuation Funds (SMSF)

The laws applicable to self managed superannuation borrowings benefit not only wealthy individuals but anyone who has in place, or wishes to establish, a self managed superannuation fund.

The use of a self managed superannuation fund is often an essential component in achieving wealth and succession planning objectives. Superannuation borrowing agreements allow you to borrow funds for investment into authorized investment opportunities and to better utilize less productive aspects of your superannuation fund.

Wills and Succession Planning

We apply our extensive knowledge and experience in commercial and tax structures to assist clients plan and implement effective planning and asset protection strategies to:

  • support practical measures to provide for beneficiaries
  • ensure assets are not left exposed to creditors
  • manage tax and duty implications
  • reduce the risk of dispute
  • ensure your assets are distributed as you intend; and
  • manage the effects of a death on ongoing business interests.

Our lawyers provide considered, tailored advice focused on achieving personal and/or business estate and succession planning objectives.

We can assist clients with:

  • Wills and Enduring Powers of Attorney (customized testamentary trusts, testamentary asset protection and business succession planning)
  • Intergenerational transfer planning (succession agreements, trust splitting, tax and duty minimization, testamentary binding financial agreements)
  • Death or disability planning (key person insurance, buy/sell arrangements, partnership and shareholders agreements)

For more information on making a Will or Power of Attorney visit our page.

Investment Advice

We also provide advice on many types of investment strategies including review of legal documentation for participation in investment schemes, share purchases and loans.

If you are considering establishing a business, making an investment or require asset protection or structuring advice call our wealth structuring specialists today or enquire on-line.