Food and beverage manufacturing

Bennett & Philp Lawyers have a high level of expertise and experience in advising food and beverage manufacturers and producers.

Whether farmers grow peanuts in regional Queensland or regional China, produce apples and wine in our region or afar, raise cattle to export, produce Aussie staple products for faraway markets or our own supermarket shelves, our team of food and beverage professionals are able to assist your business with legal advice, networks, connections and global solutions.

Bennett & Philp Lawyers are proud to support clean, green, reliable and secure growers, producers and manufacturers and provide a range of cross-firm legal services, including:

  • Banking, investment and finance;
  • Construction, infrastructure and equipment;
  • Corporate advisory;
  • Climate change and environmental compliance;
  • Dispute resolution;
  • Employment and workplace relations;
  • Franchising;
  • Food hygiene, safety and standards;
  • Global investments and trade agreements;
  • Government compliance and concessions;
  • Intellectual property, licensing and quality control;
  • Market entry, structures and expansion opportunities;
  • Mergers and acquisitions;
  • Property  and leasing transactions;
  • Real estate purchases, sales and leasing;
  • Regulatory reporting and obligations;
  • Risk management;
  • Shareholder and partnership agreements, and
  • Tax and business structures, compliance and advice.

The food and beverage law team at Bennett & Philp Lawyers provide clients with advice on a full range of issues, from research and development,  processing and packaging, brewing, bottling and labelling, supply chains and distribution through to food safety, recalls and class actions, employment law, intellectual property and brand management, commercial contracts and agreements, franchising and competition. We also connect producers with on-shore and off-shore markets and trading partners.

Our clients are across a broad range of commercial food and beverage products and supplies and include organic and bio-tech companies, processors, manufacturers, supply chain companies and distributors. In addition, our team is able to provide legal advice to supermarket, restaurant, cafe and bar operators.