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Franchise Agreements

Our Corporate & Commercial Team has a high level of expertise in drawing franchise agreements. We tailor agreements to meet the business expectations of the franchisor with consideration for the numerous legislative constraints placed on a franchise.

Our expertise allows us to hone in on the essential terms and conditions and to advise what can and cannot be done withing the agreement.  We explain the franchisor's obligations and duties in a  clear and concise manner.                               

With our depth of experience in drawing agreements, we are able to advise franchisees on the key terms within a franchise agreement and more importantly the terms and conditions which are missing from the agreements.  Our Team negotiates additions, deletions and amendments to agreements.

Some of the important clauses the parties would expect to find in a franchising agreement include those detailing the rights and obligations of the parties in respect of:

  • restraint of trade;
  • representations by the franchisor;
  • termination of the agreement by either party;
  • intellectual property rights, and
  • dispute resolution provisions.

If you are considering a franchise or about to enter into a franchising agreement, call us today to discuss your options.