Franchise Disputes and Mediation

Franchise Disputes and Mediation

Contractual Disputes

We have a very pragmatic, practical approach to the dispute resolution process. The Franchising Code of Conduct provides a very specific approach to dealing with disputes between Franchisors and Franchisees. We can assist you with a timely and cost effective strategy to achieve your desired outcomes.

We have represented many clients who are in dispute in their negotiations which have resulted successful mediations without resorting to expensive legal processes.

We can provide a no-obligation initial assessment of your circumstances and an estimate of possible costs enabling you to make an informed decision before you proceed.

Other Matters

Investment and ownership of a franchise business may also be influenced by personal circumstances. Marriage, divorce, hardship, ageing, children and business ventures are all matters which may result in disputes or require negotiation and call for proper structuring and potential restructuring of the franchise business.

We specialise in considering your circumstances and advising you of the best structuring options available to you then putting those options in place at minimal cost.

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