Franchise sale and purchase

Franchise Sale and Purchase

The franchising industry is playing an increasingly more significant role these in days in the Australian economy, in particular for persons wanting to expand their business enterprise or persons wishing to enter into a business.

Bennett & Philp is experienced in all areas of franchise transactions involving both the franchisor and/or the franchisee.

Franchise sales and purchases

We realise that the success of a franchise business is often dependent on, not only due diligence, but on your business strategy and structure - we are experienced in assisting you in all these aspects of the transaction so that you are well informed about the proposed terms of the franchise including both yours and the franchisor's obligations.

We will ensure that you are aware of the various legal requirements associated with the transaction and will assist you in negotiating and securing the best possible outcome.

If you are selling your franchise business we will assist you with all the relevant matters including the preparation of contracts, negotiations with the franchisor and where necessary the lessor of your premises and assist with the final transfer of the business to your purchaser.

Franchisor transactions

If you are considering expanding your business through franchising we have assisted a number of successful franchisors in the development of their franchise business. We recognise that the franchise arrangement will last for many years and once signed both the franchisor and franchisee will have certain binding obligations to each other.

It is important that the franchisors rights and obligations are protected but also to provide for a flexible agreement between the parties. We will assist the franchisor in complying with the strict disclosure requirements under the Franchising Code of Conduct, the Australian Competition and Consumer law and other laws relating to your franchise business.

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