General Construction Disputes and Advice

General Construction Disputes and Advice

Construction disputes can arise in a number of different ways.

Often there are disputes about what is or isn't included in the contract, who should pay for any extra work and how much should be paid.  There can also be disputes over who is responsible for delays and who was in fact the party responsible for insurance.

Often the construction contract has not been reviewed by the parties properly prior to carrying out the work which can result in unpleasant and expensive surprises later on when a dispute arises.

Obtaining proper advice prior to entering into a contract can avoid a lot of these difficulties or at the very least ensure you are aware of what your actual responsibilities are under the contract.

If you are already involved in a dispute then again obtaining proper advice can usually help to limit the financial losses or other problems that might be created in such a construction dispute before it gets out of hand.

We have extensive experience in reviewing construction contracts, providing pragmatic advice on those contracts and pursuing and defending legal claims in relation to such construction contracts.

Another major area of dispute of course is over defective building work.  This can often be complicated due to arguments over whether the engineer or architect provided proper designs and advice, whether the supplier has supplied defective product, whether the subcontractor has carried out the works incorrectly or the builder has failed to give correct instructions.

These disputes can be costly and time consuming due to the uncertainty as to who will be responsible for this defective work, the possibility that several parties are responsible for it and the fact it often involves a number of items of defective work that are not related to each other.

If you would like advice on a construction contract you are going to enter into, or you are having problems with an existing construction dispute please contact us to discuss your options as soon as possible.