Human Resources Advice

Many businesses, particularly small to medium enterprises, require advice about employment related matters from time to time on a regular or  semi-regular basis.  However, the size of the business and/or the number of employees may not justify the business employing a dedicated human resources manager for the purposes of dealing with such employment/human resources issues.

As all business owners are aware, dealing with human resources management and issues can be the most difficult, time-consuming and frustrating aspects of running a business. The extent and variety of human resources and management issues is enormous – they can range from serious workplace health and safety incidents to the most (seemingly) mundane query about employment conditions. However, good human resources management is vitally important in keeping strong and productive what is most often the most important asset of a business – its workforce.

Our Employment Team can assist by filling that role of human resources advisor to your business.  In conjunction with reviewing your business’s Workplace Documentation and Employment Contracts, we (together with you) will be able to assess what your ongoing Human Resources advice needs may be and we can structure a retainer specifically for you and your business to be able to provide such general human resources advices and services as and when you may require them. 

To find out more, contact one of our Employment Team today.