Industrial Relations

Bennett & Philp’s Employment and Industrial Relations Team places a strong emphasis on assisting clients in resolving disputes in their early stages in order to avoid litigation and Court interventions, if, and when, possible. Our proven track record in achieving excellent outcomes through interlocutory proceedings, negotiation, mediation and case appraisal results in the majority of cases we handle being resolved without the cost and uncertainty of a trial.

If a commercial resolution is not possible, our team has extensive litigation experience – having run numerous complex and sensitive trials in the Queensland, Federal and High Courts of Australia.

We understand the importance of providing clients with commercial strategic and astute advice, promptly and efficiently. We know what our clients want to achieve and deliver that outcome quickly and effectively. Our success is evidenced by our long-term relationships with our clients and their many recommendations.

Our industrial relations and litigation services include:

  • Advocacy;
  • Adverse action claims;
  • Bullying issues;
  • Confidentiality issues;
  • Defamation;
  • Disciplinary action;
  • Discrimination;
  • Employee contractual entitlements;
  • Employment and workplace disputes;
  • Enterprise bargaining;
  • Harassment and sexual harassment;
  • Privacy;
  • Redundancies;
  • Restraint of trade;
  • Unfair dismissals and unlawful terminations;
  • Workplace accidents and catastrophic claims, and
  • Workplace disputes.