Information Technology Motherboard

Information Technology

Key members of the Intellectual Property Team at Bennett & Philp Lawyers hold industry qualifications in engineering and information technology, providing the firm with a level of technical expertise that is unrivalled in other Australian law firms.

With the ability to work across issues relating to both the law and information technology, our team’s knowledge and understanding of the IT industry enables them to provide advice to clients across a range of matters, including:

  • software and hardware issues;
  • commercialisation;
  • licensing;
  • website terms and conditions;
  • digital media;
  • Cloud and hosting services;
  • Intellectual property protection and disputes;
  • piracy;
  • gaming;
  • confidential information, and
  • privacy;

Our team often receive referrals from other lawyers who simply can’t grasp the unique concepts of the intellectual property surrounding information technology. With relevant industry credentials and “hands on” industry experience in IT, we have the experience in negotiating the technical requirements of agreements and contracts for software businesses, IT supporters, data hosts and managed service providers, web developers, telecommunications carriers, inventors and start-ups.