Intellectual Property Due Diligence

IP Due Diligence

 Bennett & Philp Lawyers are experienced at the due diligence process and conducting Intellectual Property audits to ensure that the buyer of intellectual property rights acquires good title to those rights free of unexpected encumbrances.

Our highly acclaimed team have experience with a wide range of audits from simple transactions to multi-million and multi-national acquisitions. Our audit reports can include a comprehensive examination of intellectual property rights including vendor entitlement issues, restraint provisions, employee disputes and entitlements and much more.

We strive for a flexible approach where we are able to limit our audit to be as narrow or as wide as necessary.

An intellectual property audit will almost always involve an examination of technical aspects of the intellectual property, whether the property in question includes a mechanical device, an electronic device, software or other subject matter. Our professional team of practitioners boasts industry experience in electrical engineering, computer programming and web design as well as having had extensive experience in prosecuting or defending a wide range of patents and copyrights, trade mark and design enterprise images over the last 30 years. 

We understand the process of creation for intellectual property and are well-placed to ensure that your IP due diligence is comprehensive.