Lisa Wright

Lisa Wright

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+61 7 3001 2926

Lisa is a Paralegal and an integral member of the Commercial Litigation Team. 

Autonomously running debt recovery files from start to finish Lisa's work includes:

  • issuing letters of demand;
  • commencing court proceedings;
  • enforcing court judgments;
  • bankruptcy and windup applications;
  • undertaking investigations;
  • agency work for southern firms in relation to the recovery of debts, and
  • enforcement of interstate court judgments in Queensland.

In addition to a number of smaller clients, Lisa attends to matters for a major frozen food distributor, a large national windows and doors manufacturer, a national meat distributor and a playground surfacing and recycled rubber manufacturer.

Lisa also assists the firm's estate litigation practice in a wide range of matters, including:

  • Challenges to Wills;
  • Beneficiary disputes;
  • Executor and Administrator disputes, and
  • Power of Attorney and Guardianship disputes.

Lisa's high level of client satisfaction is a direct result of her dedication in dealing with each matter with a high degree of efficiency and professionalism and ensuring the client is kept informed at all times during the course of the matter.

Commissioner for Declarations
Workplace Health & Safety Officer
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