Professional Risk and Indemnity

Providers of professional services are more and more likely to be in need of risk and indemnity advice as litigious claims against professionals continue to escalate.

Have you or your business been accused of providing negligent services?  If so, our Insurance Team at Bennett & Philp Lawyers can investigate and defend any claim made against you or your business.

We specialise in providing legal advice to a broad range of service providers across a wide section of industry, including:

  • commercial entities;
  • heavy industry and transport service providers;
  • construction and building contractors;
  • health and medical professionals and practitioners;
  • pharmacists and pharmaceutical suppliers;
  • allied health providers;
  • alternative therapy practitioners;
  • food and beverage producers and manufacturers, and
  • retail and trade suppliers.

Our Insurance Team can assist in claims brought for negligence, breach of contract, duty of care, damages, subcontractors’ charges, product liability and recalls. We provide dispute resolution services and can often assist in resolving disputes ahead of litigation and any need for Court proceedings.

If you would like to discuss professional risk, a negligence demand or potential claim please contact our Insurance Team on +61 7 3001 2999.