Retainer and Fixed Fee Services

We understand that the cost of legal services can be uncertain. We strive to ensure that we manage matters for clients in a cost effective way. For clients who like an extra level of certainty we offer specific services on retainer or fixed-fee agreements.

Retainer Agreements

Under a retainer agreement we provide you with certain services for a set periodic fee.  We charge our retainer fee on a monthly basis. The fee is charged regardless of how much or how little you use those services. 

Under a retainer agreement we become your in-house (off-site) IP legal Counsel. 

Our Intellectual Property team boasts solid practical experience in various industry sectors including in the engineering, computer programming and web design industry. This experience allows us to understand the technical and legal needs of your business.  As an example, we can review and draft commercial contracts, such as website development agreements or draft cease and desist letters.

Our services vary. Whatever your IP legal needs are we will meet them.

The advantage of retainer agreements is that you can pick up the phone or send us an email without worrying about how much that phone call or email is costing you.  Because the retainer fee is not time based we become your in-house Counsel that you can call upon when you need.

The services and fees under each agreement are tailored to the specific needs of each client and are reviewed at regular intervals to ensure that the agreement is appropriate and is meeting your needs. Not all services are suited to retainer agreements.

Under a retainer agreement you know what to expect cost-wise and can budget for that expense.

Fixed Fee Services

Fixed fee services are just that, fixed fees. Based on your requirements, we will provide you with a quote for the services on a fixed fee basis and we honour that quote.

The services we offer under fixed-fee agreements vary but include both contentious and non-contentious services. Fixed fee agreements are particularly appropriate for some stages of litigation and drafting various commercial agreements but are not suited for all matters.

We tailor our retainer and fixed-fee agreement for your specific requirements. Please contact us to see how a retainer and fixed-fee agreements can assist your business.