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Sandy Zhang

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Sandy Zhang is an Associate at Bennett & Philp Lawyers with legal knowledge and experience that belies his age. His area of expertise is focused on intellectual property and commercial law.

Sandy understands that intellectual property law is not an isolated field. As a business asset, intellectual property cannot be removed from the commercial complexities of running a business. For example, the licensing of a trade mark often comes hand-in-hand with the distribution of a product that is the subject of the trade mark. As another example, theft of a company’s intellectual property can often be orchestrated by a previous employee or director who may owe contractual and fiduciary duties over and above a general duty not to breach the company’s intellectual property rights.

Understanding how intellectual property disputes arise is key to taking appropriate preventative measures at the commercial negotiation stage.  Similarly, understanding the context of an intellectual property dispute is key to successfully resolving that dispute.
With a double degree in Business and Law and industry background in the IT field (including web programming and database design), few lawyers are better equipped than Sandy to provide the type of legal advice that distinguishes him from others. His broad background and talent for simplifying and resolving complex situations has already seen him working with legal veterans, Tony Bennett and Ken Philp (Founding Directors of Bennett & Philp Lawyers), on multi-million dollar intellectual property disputes and commercial litigation.

Sandy routinely applies the knowledge and experience gained from complex contentious disputes to the other side of his practice: contract drafting and commercialisation advice.

His keen eye for detail has also seen him involved in legal due diligence for large-scale acquisitions in excess of $100 million.

To complement his practice, Sandy also has intimate knowledge of:

  • the Competition and Consumer Act 2010 ;
  • Australian Consumer Law;
  • privacy laws;
  • foreign investment laws including FIRB regulations; and
  • general contract and corporate law.

Sandy’s outstanding legal knowledge and achievements are widely recognised in the IP industry. He came second place in the 2015 John McLaren Emmerson QC Essay Prize, an industry-renowned competition run by the Intellectual Property Society of Australia and New Zealand (IPSANZ), for his essay titled “Digital Copyright: Beyond a Legal Outlook”. In 2017 Sandy also became a finalist in the Lawyers Weekly 30 Under 30. He was one of only ten finalists around Australia in the IP category, of which only two including Sandy were from Queensland.

Sandy can speak fluent Mandarin and is able to read and write both simplified and traditional Chinese. Having migrated to Australia from Shanghai when he was 10 years old, Sandy retains the perfect balance of understanding both the Chinese and Australian culture. Sandy is passionate about both cultures and is actively involved in the development of a China practice at Bennett & Philp. He has visited China on multiple occasions together with Director Ken Philp to deliver seminars and establish legal and business connections, particularly in the Shandong region.




Sandy的与众不同之处在于拥有商业和法律双学位以及IT领域的行业背景(包括网络编程和数据库设计),所以很少有律师能比Sandy更好地提供全方面法律建议。他的广泛背景与对简化和解决复杂情况的才能使他有机会与法律老将Tony Bennett和Ken Philp(Bennett&Philp律师的创始主任律师)一同参与过数百万澳元级的知识产权纠纷,金融服务纠纷和商业诉讼。


Sandy的杰出法律知识和成就在知识产权行业得到广泛认可。 他在2015年John McLaren Emmerson QC Essay Prize 比赛中以题为“数字版权:超越法律角度”的文章荣获第二名。此比赛是由澳大利亚和新西兰知识产权协会(IPSANZ)主办的行业知名竞赛。 2017年,Sandy还成为30岁以下全澳律师30强的入围者。他是知识产权类别中澳大利亚仅有的十名决赛选手之一,其中只有两名来自昆士兰州,包括Sandy。2018年,Sandy也再次作为全国十名知识产权选手之一进入决赛。

Sandy能说流利的普通话,并能读写简繁体中文。他在10岁时与父母一起从上海移民至澳洲。Sandy保持了对中国和澳大利亚文化的完美平衡。 Sandy对两种文化均充满热情,并积极参与Bennett&Philp的中国业务发展。他定期与主任Ken Philp一起访问中国,举办研讨会并建立法律和业务关系,特别是在山东地区。

Bachelor of Business (Accountancy) with Distinction | Queensland University of Technology
Bachelor of Laws - Second Class Honours | Queensland University of Technology
Queensland Law Society
Intellectual Property Society of Australia and New Zealand
Queensland Young Lawyers
Sunnybank Chamber of Commerce
2014 Supreme Court of Queensland
2014 High Court of Australia
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