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Trading Terms and Conditions

Trading Terms and Conditions

At Bennett & Philp we have years of experience in creating tailored terms and conditions of trade for clients.  We have, over the years, been industry leaders in the creation of charging clauses and specialised terms for use in terms and conditions to protect and maximise recoveries for clients.  We also keep abreast of changes in legislation to ensure our base templates meet all present legislative requirements.

Our services are not limited to initial drafting of terms and conditions and trade terms but attend to ongoing review and update of terms due to changes to the business requirements and/or the law applicable to certain industries.  For example, we have assisted a number of clients with updating terms and conditions as a result of the introduction of the Personal Property Securities Act 2009 and the changes to the Privacy Act 2009

For more information regarding the introduction of the Personal Property Securities Act 2009 and updating of terms of trade for this reason please see further our page.  For more information on privacy, please refer to our page.

Many other legislative changes have occurred in the recent years and may require updating of your terms and conditions for trade.  If you haven’t reviewed your terms and conditions in some time, call us today.