Wills and Estate Law

The Estate Planning Team at Bennett & Philp Lawyers has a wide range of experience and skills to assist you with all aspects of estate planning, ranging from simple Wills to consideration of your total wealth structure, including superannuation interests and family and business interests held in companies and trusts.

Estate Planning

At Bennett & Philp Lawyers, our Estate Planning Team can help you to consider a range of issues in preparing your Will and planning your estate including considering who will control your interests and assets if you become incapacitated.

Where required, we can provide you with an individualised estate plan that caters for your specific requirements in relation to asset protection and tax planning.

Administration of Estates

Our Team has extensive experience in all aspects of the estate administration process from interpretation of complex Wills, assisting beneficiaries of intestate estates to the cost efficient, expedient administration of small to complex estates.

We take care to assist our clients in the manner best suited to them by allowing the client to determine the level of their involvement according to their needs.

We strive to assist our clients during this emotionally taxing time to have peace of mind and confidence that their estate matters are in professional hands.

Estate Litigation

Our Estate Litigation Team can assist you with a wide range of estate disputes, including (but not limited to) family provision claims, disputes with executors and powers of attorney, and disputes regarding the validity of Wills. 

Our Team is very experienced in negotiation and mediation and preparing for and representing clients in court proceedings. It is always our aim to resolve disputes amicably between the parties and avoid litigation, where possible. However, if it is necessary to proceed to court, our team will confidently support and guide you through each step of the litigation process.

We provide expert advice and caring attention to all of our clients and enjoy assisting them to achieve a resolution of disputes and peace of mind at this difficult time.