Workplace Documentation

Prevention is better than cure.  Many potential problems or disputes in the workplace can be avoided or, at least, minimised and dealt with efficiently and for the good of the business, by having appropriate systems and policies in place and adhering to such systems and policies. 

Transparency and consistency breed certainty.  Having clear and workable workplace policies (or, even better, and all-encompassing workplace manual setting out all necessary workplace policies and procedures) and sticking to such policies will save the business time and money by avoiding and minimising risks and problems in the workplace – ranging from workplace safety issues to disgruntled employees. 

Such policies and their implementation are also important for employers and business owners to ensure compliance with duties and obligations under State and Federal legislation covering workplace health and safety; employment conditions; privacy, discrimination; harassment and bullying.

Our Employment Team is available to conduct an audit of your business’ existing Workplace Documentation. We check for compliance with existing legal requirements and to assess how effective such documentation and the business’ practices may be in minimising employment associated risks.  We then work with you to address any areas that may be lacking, including by providing new documentation/policies and/or amending existing documentation. 

We also assist our clients by conducting training and education for you and your staff in respect of appropriate workplace documentation and practices.  To find out more, contact one of our Employment Team today.