Employers thumped on workplace bullying

It’s a workplace bullying case that defies logic yet an employer let it happen and it’s now costing them big money.

Now Brisbane compensation law expert Mark O’Connor says a Supreme Court judgement awarding a female labourer more than $1.3 million for the abuse she suffered is a hard reminder to all employers to enforce workplace anti-bullying policies.

A female labourer who endured endless harassment on a worksite by fellow employees, her foremen and even contractors, finally took her employers to court when she couldn’t take any more.

Unit Owners Not Liable for Balcony Deaths

High rise accommodation unit owners and building managers on the Gold Coast should not fear any liability action after a recent spate of fatal falls from balconies this year.

Injury compensation lawyer Mark O’Connor said the deaths were a traumatic and very tragic reminder of the need to be safe on high rise balconies, but he did not believe there would be any finding of negligence against apartment owners and managers for the deaths.


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