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Queensland Compo Law Discriminates Against Aged

Queensland’s tough compensation laws effectively discriminate against elderly abuse victims, making it virtually impossible for them to pursue claims for injuries arising out of poor care and neglect in nursing homes.

That’s the view of Bennett & Philp Director and personal injury law Specialist Mark O’Connor who says moves for a national plan to address a growing tide of elder abuse would lack any bite under current Queensland law.

State urged to break silence and identify buildings with flammable cladding

The State Government is being urged to break its silence and identify Gold Coast buildings it knows contain highly flammable material linked to high-rise fires in ­Melbourne and Dubai.

Brisbane compensation law expert Mark O’Connor said the state’s reported refusal to identify the buildings containing cheap Chinese-made aluminium cladding linked to high rise fires defied understanding.

State Government should reassure public over explosive claims of denying compo liability

The State Government should urgently reassure the public after explosive claims that its major insurer and legal arm has unlawfully denied every personal injury claim against the Government.

Brisbane compensation law expert Mark O’Connor said the sensational claims, reported recently by media, had created a climate of uncertainty in the community and seemed to confirm what many lawyers have suspected.

Key Road Safety Change for Cyclists Now

Motorists and cyclists are being warned that after a two year trial the State Government is keeping the controversial road rule dictating safe distances between cars and bicycles.

Brisbane compensation law expert Kevin Barratt said the rule required a minimum distance between cars and cyclists. Drivers and cyclists should be aware that motorists must stay wider of the rider by giving a minimum of 1m when passing a bicycle rider in a 60 km/h or less speed zone; or 1.5m where the speed limit is over 60km/h.

Qld laws need urgent change to protect cyclists from trucks' blind spots

Media Release

Queensland needs urgent new laws to ensure big trucks have devices fitted to cover blind spots, because cyclists and motorcyclists are being killed due to poor vehicle visibility.

That’s a recommendation from the Queensland Coroner who wants heavy vehicles barred from the roads unless they are fitted with devices to warn the driver of any obstacles or other road users within the forward blind spot of the truck.


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